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Here are the most effective link building techniques to get quality back-links pointing to your site. For best results I recommend you use a mixture of all of them and build your links slowly and steadily over time. If you site is new, it is especially important to go slow and steady with your link building for the first six-months or so until you build a bit of trust and authority with the search engines. They are always looking for sites that are attempting to bend and exploit the rules, so it makes sense that they would be especially watchful over a new site.  After that, you can get a bit more aggressive with your link building if you wish.

Link Building Opportunities Are Everywhere

Forums – Forms provide a great opportunity to share your knowledge by participating in the conversation with other people. As you participate, you can ask and answer questions, provide advice, and share your thoughts with others. Most forums allow users to provide at least one link in their signature file, so each time you post you not only build another link back to your website for the search engines to find, but you will also generate some traffic from readers that may be interested in what you had to say and will follow your link back to your site to read more of your views on the topic.

Articles – Articles have been the backbone of the information on the internet since the beginning and there is no reason to believe that will change anytime soon. Writing articles is a great way to share your views and expertise with others, then encourage the reader to take action by visiting your site for more information. This should definitely be part of your website promotion plan.

Once you have written your informative article, there are many places to publish it so you can share your information and benefit from the links in your article at the same time. The obvious place is to publish your article on your own website or blog. By writing good quality content, the search engines will find your article and include it in their index. This also provides an opportunity for some valuable internal link building, perhaps linking to a previous article you have written or another area on your site.

It’s also a good idea to publish articles on the major article directories like Ezinearticles, Articlesbase, and Goarticles among others. Your articles will be syndicated for use on other sites, providing long-term back links to your site with very little work. Highly recommended!

Your success with articles used for link building is directly related to the quality of your content. Publish good stuff, and reap the rewards. Publish low-quality or scraped content and you are wasting your time if you are trying to build a real business.

Guest blogging – This is yet another effective link building technique to gain back-links from your articles. Just about all websites are constantly searching for quality original content. By offering other webmasters a free article that you will write just for their site, they benefit from free content that they can share with their readers, and you receive the benefit of a link or two back to your site. By focusing your efforts to be published on sites that have high page rank, more people are likely to read your articles, and the links in your article will benefit from the high page rank by passing more link juice back to your site.

Social sites – Social sites like Facebook and twitter are now becoming more important every day, so these sites should play a prominent role in your link building plan. For example, Facebook offers many opportunities to spread links among its users by bookmarking or “liking” a page on your site, or by using a Facebook fan page or creating a group where you can interact with other users as you promote your site. Of course, there is also a huge opportunity to drive traffic with Facebook paid traffic, but that is a topic for another article. Twitter provides another opportunity for a constant supply of back-links. By using back-links in your profile and in your tweets, you can generate traffic from your followers and at the same time generate fresh links for the search engines to find and index.

Video – There is tremendous potential for link building and free traffic from creating and sharing video on your website and on video hosting sites like YouTube. With the tools available today, anyone with a little know-how and creativity can create a short video to promote your site, your product or service, or even yourself. If you’ve ever spent any time at all watching the videos that have been submitted to YouTube, you know that the bar is not really set too high, and even poor quality videos often receive a surprising number of views if they are even mildly interesting or entertaining. Google especially loves video since they own YouTube, so videos tend to rank easily and well. It doesn’t take long to plan and produce a 3 or 4 minute video that may receive hundreds or many  thousands of views over time. That is a very good investment of your time for promoting your website. This is a resource that is underutilized by most people.

Press releases –Press releases have always been effective tools to generate publicity. Now, in the age of the internet, press releases continue to be one of the best ways to quickly generate a lot of attention quickly for your site. Although you can generate a press release for just about any event, you should come up with something creative or something really interesting to get the kind of stellar attention and links that are possible. You need something that will create some buzz, like a tie-in with a charity event, a celebrity, or a unique story that will not only make publishers want to print your press release, but make readers interested enough in what you have to say to visit your site for more information. Creativity is key to making this work. You can search for press releases to get ideas and to see what others are doing successfully.

Social Bookmarking – You can build free profiles on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Tagza, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Slashdot, and hundreds of others. I believe these sites should be a part of the mix, but without using an automated way to build and submit profiles on these sites, I do not really believe they are worth the time it takes to set them up. I advise my clients to concentrate on the large sites only, especially Digg. As for the others, there are better strategies to build back links that should be exploited first. Then, by carefully and conservatively using automation tools, these bookmarks can be added for some link building diversity.

Web 2.0 Properities – Web 2.0 properties are recognized authority sites that generally have good page rank and are trusted by Google and the other major search engines. Due to their trust and page rank, they provide website owners and marketers with a great opportunity to publish unique content and include powerful backlinks to their site. If you spend much time on the web you’ve probably heard of sites like Squidoo, HubPages, WordPress, Blogger, and many other similar sites. All these sites are free to join to publish your content, and all webmasters trying to generate free traffic should be taking full advantage of these powerful free back-links.

Blog Commenting – Blog commenting is a very simple link building strategy that you may already be familiar with. On most blogs, after the blog post itself, readers have the opportunity to leave comments. Along with your comments you will often have the opportunity to leave a link back to your site. By simply reading blog posts written by others in your industry, then making a thoughtful comment that contains your link, you can easily build important back-links over time. Heck, you are probably reading and following many of these blogs in your field of interest anyway, so you may as well be commenting on all of them and earning a little link-love in the process.

Link Bait is an easy way to get others to help you with your link building

Link Baiting – Just about every blogger or webmaster uses link baiting to some degree to generate some buzz and get additional traffic. Link baiting is simply the act of writing about something that will motivate others to link to you. For example, if you conduct research that produces an interesting or unusual outcome, many people with an interest in the field will summarize your findings and link back to your site for the full story. Even a top 10 list can generate many good links, as people always seem to love lists.

Celebrities are also great link building opportunities. Just by writing about a celebrity and adding a provocative headline you may attract attention from all over the world. Many of the sites quoting from or referencing your article and expanding on your thoughts will provide a back-link to you as the source. These kinds of link bait articles can build in popularity very quickly, and their viral nature can push your site rankings to amazing heights, even if all the attention is only temporary.

Another way to get some link bait attention is to publish something outrageous. Expose a little-known secret, reveal a plan that can make you rich, expose a scam, introduce a new diet that produces amazing results, or report an incredible news event that did not receive the attention it deserves. The more outrageous, interesting, or unusual, the more successful your link baiting information is likely to be. Just be careful to provide factual information that you can prove and that will not cause you legal problems due to making false statements or misrepresenting and slandering others. When in doubt, don’t do it. There are just too many other good link building opportunities to risk legal problems by making false claims.

Avoid link building in bad neighborhoods on the internet

Many of the rules in physical real estate also apply to link building.You don’t want your home or business in a bad neighborhood if you can avoid it, so don’t go looking for link building opportunities for your web properties in bad neighborhoods either. If you are building a legitimate website, don’t pursue links from porn sites, link farms, auto-blogs, spyware and malware sites, hate-speech sites, or trashy made for advertising sites. In short, your link building should be focused on quality sites that you are proud to be associated with. Links from good sites will not only be more powerful and pass more “link juice” to your site, they provide Google and the other bots solid evidence that your site is about quality. Just like with friends, you are often judged by the company you keep. Choose your link building friends wisely!

Black Hat Link Building Tricks and Techniques – Real SEO link building is easy to do, but take care to resist using the so-called black-hat techniques that are likely to cause trouble. Google has made it very clear that webmasters should never do anything to artificially inflate the number of links to a page in an attempt to manipulate the search engine ranking. A few of the more popular black hat techniques used by some site owners for a link building campaign is using software and automation to create mass links quickly, purchasing links from other high page rank sites, and spamming links to link farms.

I’m sure there are many more ways to cheat the system that I am not aware of, but I don’t really follow this kind of stuff because it usually does not work long-term. You may enjoy a temporary boost, but these methods do not produce natural organic growth and are likely to be eventually detected. When they are, you run the risk of having your site permanently deleted from the search engine index making all your hard work and site content worthless for attracting free traffic. This is a severe penalty to pay when it is really so easy to just follow the rules with your link building campaign.

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