Matt Cutts: Does Domain Age Really Matter?

Matt Cutts on domain age

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Matt Cutts, Google Engineer and spokesman dispels some myths and sets the record straight on the importance of domain age for good search engine rankings.

The popular belief has been that older domains do better in search results and are given extra favor due to their age. The idea is that an older domain that has been established has earned a greater level of trust with Google than a younger domain that is not as established. Matt admits that this is true to a point, but domain age is an insignificant factor that really carries very little weight in the Google algorithm.

Matt then goes on to list the factors that are more important for a site to rank well in Google:

  • Unique, high quality content
  • The quantity of content
  • External back-links to your content

In this video, Matt Cutts cuts through the nonsense to give you the facts.

The myth about domain age

While the importance of domain age has been hotly debated for years, in fact, there is little weight given to domain age, especially after a site is 2 or 3 months old. For a new site, domain age is a factor, because typically a new site does not have much content on it, so for that reason it will be more difficult to rank well in the search index. After a few months, site rankings can be based on giving visitors the good content they are looking for, so at that point age is no longer such an important issue.

Great site content along with the back-links that content naturally attracts is what will help you rank well and bring the search traffic you need. By creating high quality content for your site, you are providing exactly what visitors are looking for, and if they like your content, they are more likely to bookmark it, link to it, and share it with others, so good content just naturally generates quality incoming links.

With this latest clarification from Matt Cutts on domain age, it should finally put to rest some of the false assumptions about the value of aged domains in the search engine ranking.

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