The Real Secret Internet Marketing Courses Will Never Tell You

Internet marketing courses claim its easy to make money online

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Internet marketing courses: They promise the world: $100 bills flying out of your computer, “working” from the beach on some island paradise, making money automatically from your website 24/7, even while you sleep! This can be your life! Ready to sign up?

Get Real!

These empty promises will only relieve you of your cash, and nothing more. You KNOW it can’t be this easy or everyone with a computer would me making a killing.

Internet Marketing Courses – Learn The Strategies To Making Money Online For Any Business Model

When I started in 1998, I struggled with everything. Building my first website, writing content, hosting, then trying to get traffic and make some money. After 2 years of work…Nothing! A few tiny sales, but definitely no profits, no traffic, no list, no business. Just a whole lot of hard work. I don’t recommend this approach!

I knew there had to be information out there that would put me on the right track, and I set out to find it. Truth is, I found too much of it. I would be embarrassed to tell you about all the money I burned and the courses I bought to help me make money online. I did eventually learn a few things about website promotion and SEO that really helped, and one stands out above the rest. And here is the #1 lesson I learned.

The secret to successful internet marketing is…There is no secret!

That’s it! That really is the secret. There is no push-button wealth, or no automated system to earn while you sleep, and no one will sell you an easy system that churns out profits without work. Internet marketing is a real business, and like ANY business, it requires some work to succeed at it. It’s not about knowing a secret that will help you make money online. It’s about learning the process, then learning the skills and doing the work that is necessary to succeed. That’s it. There is no secret. Just do the work and you can get your share of the money too.

Internet Marketing Courses – How They Can Help You Make Money Online With Your Website

This isn’t the average make money online website, so you may be wondering why I value internet marketing courses so much. Well here’s what they can do for you:

  • If you have a business with no website
    If you already have a business and are interested in getting your business online, internet marketing courses can fast-track your success by teaching you all the skills you need to sell your products and services on the internet. It’s not just one thing, it’s a process that is best learned one piece at a time. An internet marketing course makes this learning process organized and easy.
  • If you have a business website that does not produce good results
    If you have a website that is not generating leads or making sales, it’s time for some changes. It may be the structure of your site, lousy content, or ineffective promotion and search engine ranking. An organized step-by-step analysis of your market, your site, and your promotion is necessary, and a complete internet marketing course that examines all these areas is the fastest and cheapest way to find the problems and make all the necessary corrections yourself.
  • If you want to start a new business and want to create a strong presence on the internet
    If you are starting a new business, then a great website that draws prospects into your profit-funnel may be among your most valuable assets. Many internet marketing courses will help you refine and focus on your niche, as well as help you design your sales-funnel and build-out your site so you can profit quickly. For a new business, one of the most important things to get right is your market and your initial strategy. Before you start building anything, you need a plan to dominate your niche and to turn prospects into customers, and an internet marketing course can help you focus your energy on the best and most profitable path.

While it is true that some internet marketing courses are total scams or offer little value, there are also amazing courses created by real web entrepreneurs making substantial money online and helping others to do the same. It just makes sense to learn from these super-successful marketers that teach you the all the techniques that worked for them, and show you how to apply them to your business.

Even if you don’t buy a thing, you can often learn a great deal from the free promotional training offered by the experts. In fact, many great internet marketing courses offer some of their best techniques for free. While you may not get all the juicy details, or a complete plan to implement, you may learn enough to follow through on your own and use them in your website promotion.

Even if you have the time to do it all yourself, a full internet marketing course may be a better deal in the long run because:

  1. Internet marketing courses will teach you the basics
    Some people are natural born researchers. If you like doing research and you have the time and interest to find all the information and techniques you will need, assess whether they will be effective, build a plan around them, and implement, test and track your results, a do-it-yourself approach may make sense. Understand that you must learn everything you can about free internet marketing, SEO, social media marketing, along with managing paid traffic and building a list, as these are all pieces of the online success puzzle. If this sounds like something you can manage on your own, you may be fine just hunting for the information you need and creating your own internet marketing course to follow.

    Of course, for those that just want results and don’t want to make internet research a career, it may be a far better choice to let someone else do all the time-consuming research and just buy a complete system so you can dive right in and put it all to work immediately.

  1. Learn from successful doers – not teachers
    I have nothing against teachers. Yes, I know they work hard, are under-paid and are under-appreciated, but let’s be honest here. Would you rather learn to build a profitable internet business from a great teacher, or from a guy or gal that got rich building profitable internet businesses? Do you want to learn about computer innovation from a teacher, or from Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Do you want to learn about real estate development from a teacher, or from Donald Trump?

    You get the point. Many of the internet elite have created amazing, comprehensive internet marketing courses to help you succeed with every skill necessary to make money online. I can’t think of any good reason to avoid learning from the best in the business.

  2. Help you succeed faster – no school of hard knocks- no wrong turns
    The way we learn is by trying new things, making mistakes, and learning what to not do the next time. This process works great, but it does take some time, and it is all too easy to make the kind of fundamental mistakes that are difficult to correct without going back to the beginning and starting over again.

    It’s so much easier to just learn from the mistakes of others, avoid those pot-holes in the road, and make consistent progress toward your goals. Don’t re-invent the wheel, spend your time building on the experience of others.

  3. Internet marketing courses are cheaper than making mistakes
    Good internet marketing courses cost money, but most courses are packed full of good information, and they are far less expensive than the mistakes you will make trying to master everything on your own. If your time has any value at all, most internet marketing courses are a good deal just based on the time they will save you. Not to mention the real costs you will face for website creation mistakes, promotion mistakes, and the lost income that you would have earned if only you had gotten everything right the first time.
  4. Makes planning for success easier when you can see the big picture
    When you are assembling bits and pieces of information for a plan, it is often difficult to see the big picture in your mind. Internet marketing courses are designed with a logical sequence of tasks, one leading to the next, until the plan is complete and you are ready to generate traffic and begin to profit. Follow the plan, complete the steps, and you will have a far greater chance of success than if you go it alone and consider your plan a work in progress.

  5. Personal Support and networking opportunities with others you meet for problems, JV’s or a mastermind group
    This last point may not apply to all internet marketing courses, but I have found that most courses also offer a user forum, a Yahoo group, or even an IRC channel where members can get together to trade ideas, ask questions, and get one-on-one personal support. No matter what your experience level is, from complete newbie to advanced, you will have questions, and it’s great to be part of a group or community that is willing to review your work, provide specific answers, and generally help you succeed.

    As an added bonus, you can make good use of the connections you make with others for future business relationships. These connections often turn into valuable relationships that you may never have made without the course, and I consider such relationships to be one of the most valuable benefits of internet marketing courses.

Decide exactly what you want to accomplish, set your big goal, then look for a solution that will help you gain the skills you need to build and execute your plan. Quality internet marketing courses can help you be successful in your internet business.

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