Website Promotion Strategies for Page 1 Search Engine Ranking

Website Promotion - Your Plan For Success On The Web

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Are you looking for Website Promotion and SEO strategies that will put your site on page 1 of the search engines and generate unlimited free traffic to your website? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

You can generate more traffic to your website without spending a fortune on tools and specialists. You’ll get amazing results for your site just by taking advantage of the free website promotion training on this site. These strategies are effective to attract customers in your local city, or from all around the world in the global marketplace.

Our articles, videos, and other information will help you master all the techniques needed to get your site noticed on the web and really stand out above your competitors. No matter whether you operate as a merchant, a service business, an affiliate, or a blogger, we have you covered with all the traffic-generating website promotion resources you need to succeed on the web.

Some say “Build it and they will come…” (Hint: Don’t believe it – It’s a lie!)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you simply build your site, things will happen naturally, your customers will find you, and you will start making real money. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are tens of millions of sites competing on the Internet, and plenty of them want YOUR traffic. I mean, more traffic = more money, and that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Why settle for a site that is really just an electronic business card that virtually no one will ever see? You need traffic. And here’s how to get it…

Here is your proven website promotion plan for traffic and success on the Internet

  1. Content – Build a site that gives your readers the compelling web content they are looking for.
    Great content is the first step to effective website promotion. Give them quality information, answer their questions, then make them an offer they can’t refuse! It’s all about the content. Then motivate them to take action. Ask them to call you, make a purchase, get a free consultation, subscribe to your newsletter, or whatever else you want them to do. You offer great products or services, right? So taking action is in their best interest, and it’s good for you too. Win-win!
  2. On-page SEO – Optimize your site and its content to be search-engine friendly with cutting-edge on-page SEO strategies
    No matter how good your site’s content is, your ranking depends partially upon your on-page SEO, or search engine optimization to make your content easy to find and index electronically. If you get this wrong, your results will always be mediocre at best. Good on-page SEO is not difficult, and you don’t have to be a “techie” or a “geek” to get it right, but you do need a plan because SEO is an ongoing process that needs at least periodic attention to maintain top rankings. For on-page SEO, it is simply a matter of some basic research followed by easy website adjustments that will make all the difference in your results.
  3. Off-page SEO – Links are the key to website promotion that makes your site easily accessible so customers can find you.
    Off-page SEO usually refers to links from other web properties pointing back to your website. To be successful with website promotion, your site must be accessible and stand-out to attract a continuous flow of customers. This means getting highly ranked in all the likely places your customers will be looking for you or the services/products you sell, and that requires link building. You must rank well and be visible in all the major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo, and on social media sites like Facebook. Then there are video sites like YouTube, web and article directories, and web 2.0 properties. The list goes on and on. These sites can funnel massive free traffic to your site every day if you simply play by their rules and obtain the links you need to rank well and be seen. A page 2 rank (or worse) = little or no traffic. It’s a very lonely place for a web site. The action is all on page 1, and that is where you must be if you expect to be successful! All it takes is quality links, and lots of ’em! Links are the difference between winning and losing, so this step is not to be taken lightly!

If all this website promotion stuff makes your head spin, relax…you’re not alone!

I’m Robert Kay, and I can help you through each and every step to get the traffic you need for your site. As a niche-marketer since 1998, business SEO consultant, and owner of many web properties, I’ve learned how to create and optimize websites to benefit from substantial free traffic on the Internet and I can help you achieve the same kind of results.

If you’re ready to build your first website, or if you already have a website that doesn’t get the attention and traffic you would like, then I strongly recommend you subscribe my free website promotion updates by email. As a subscriber you will learn about my successful process for getting traffic in any market. Plus, you get exclusive access to step-by-step information that you can implement and benefit from immediately along with videos, recommendations, and other tips that I only share with my team and my private SEO clients.

Website Promotion made easy!

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1 Mdu July 14, 2016

Thank you for one of the most detailed posts that I have read that gives me some actual “how to” info on how to boost the quality of my blogging.


2 simon william January 9, 2017

I would like to promote my website to reach more people and client for my business.
Thank you.



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